‘Sports4App’ arrives, the App to play sports with people

Practise sports with people

‘Sports4App’ arrives, the App to play sports with people

22 June, 2017 Press 0
  • ‘Sports4App’ was born a year ago when a couple of friends, wanted to play basketball, but was impossible because they were only two, and needed a team.
  • The application allows you to publish and look for events near to you to play a game or practice your favorite sport.
  • The goal of ‘Sports4App’ is improve the friendship and sportsmanship among people with common interests.
  • Next to the launch begins a financing campaign to further develop and invest in advertising.


Badajoz, June 20th, 2017 – From today Tuesday you can download ‘Sports4App’, an application that seeks to facilitate encounters between athletes with the same tastes and level. This project has been in development for 1 year.

The idea of ​​creating the application comes from Rafa Barragán, a former student of the University of Extremadura who a few years ago finished Computer Systems Engineering, and since then, he has not stopped assembling and developing projects on the Internet.

All started just a year ago, when he and a friend wanted to play basketball. They where only two, so they had to stay home. And if it was difficult for them to match, it was more complicated to find other partners to play with. But Rafa was illuminated the light bulb, and began to develop a project that today sees the light.

‘Sports4App’ is an application in which once you enter, you register and add your favorite sports, shows the events or matches near you using the geolocation, so that you can join them. One of the main values ​​of the app is improve the friendship and sportsmanship among people with common interests.

If you do not find any event, or no one has created it, you can do it yourself for free from the menu. You can choose a date, an hour (or make it flexible), a place, the price in case it is inside an installation, the number of sportsmen or even the level of the game (amateur or professional, for example).

Precisely, this is another of the functionalities in which Rafa has paid special attention: the level. Every time I played a game, I always saw peers with a lot of level mixed with beginners, and in the end never enjoyed playing. That is why through the application, users who believe or join any event, will know what level the game will have.

The app also allows players to value depending on their attendance, level or sportsmanship. “We use an algorithm to obtain the average player, giving the highest percentage to sportsmanship,” says Rafael, creator of the app.



Sports4App has been lanched and at the same time a crowdfunding campaign in which they pretend to look for resources to continue developing the application, to improve it day by day and to be able to make known it through the social networks and Internet.

The campaign is being developed at Kickstarter, a platform for collective financing of creative, digital and innovative projects, and from Wednesday 21 to 21 July, just one month, is the time the team has to get the total funding and Of economic support through the platform.

The operation is quite simple: Once you enter the project, you choose the amount you want to contribute. Depending on the quantity, you have a reward or another (a sport T-shirt with our logo, be able to be the first to try certain functions …). The amount you decide to contribute will be reserved and to collect the total of the money, then the financing will be completed and the charges will be made effective.

It is a modality of financing and bets by projects natively digitally speaking, and recent in the world of Internet, new technologies and digital projects. And thousands of projects are financed every day by getting the financial support of the people who trust and believe in the project and the team behind it.

In order to contribute to the project, visit www.sports4app.com.



+34 639 479 399


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